Good Eats in Portland

Portland is known for its food- its markets, restaurants, food carts, coffeehouses and breweries. We explored a number of the city’s culinary offerings while we were there. The first stop on our gastronomic adventure was to visit Portland’s famous food carts.  There are so many food carts in and around Portland that you could eat … Continue reading Good Eats in Portland

Water and Roses

In Portland itself and in the greater Portland area, there are many wonderful activities to do.  On Wednesday, David and I visited part of the Columbia River gorge.  It was a beautiful drive along the broad Columbia River. In the Columbia River gorge, there are a number of waterfalls. One of the most visited falls … Continue reading Water and Roses


Portland is the largest city in Oregon. Portland’s name was decided on a coin toss between the names Portland and Boston.  Prior to the toss, the area was merely called “The Clearing.” Portland received the nickname, “Stumptown,” when it experienced rapid growth in the mid-19th century. To make more room for the growing population, they … Continue reading Stumptown

Totality – Salem, Oregon

We decided to leave a day early from Crescent City, CA, our base for visiting the Redwoods National Park, because of the traffic potential of so many people in the region headed to the eclipse's “zone of totality.” We were lucky in that we were only about five hours away from the area where the … Continue reading Totality – Salem, Oregon

Tallest Trees in the World

I’d consider myself short. I’m 5 feet 4 inches if I stretch my neck tall. (Not that I’m complaining, mind you; I don’t get as scrunched in airplane seats.) Yet even with this lifetime of practice, nothing could prepare me for how short I’d feel next to the height and majesty of what we’ve walked … Continue reading Tallest Trees in the World