An Artist’s Retrospective of the Past Eight Months

We’ve been full timing now for 8 months! Those months have been full of adventures and have flown by.  It’s not been all wine and roses but, on the whole, we have thoroughly enjoyed the experiences that we’ve had on the road.  We feel very fortunate to have had this opportunity and we would not … Continue reading An Artist’s Retrospective of the Past Eight Months

World’s Largest Skydiving Center

Who knew that Eloy, AZ would have a very large skydiving center? This location has places to stay, a restaurant, shops, training centers, packing locations, and a very large vertical wind tunnel. Skydivers world-wide come to Eloy to train and practice in the great weather here. Turns out that the locals go with lawn chairs … Continue reading World’s Largest Skydiving Center

Western Spirit found in Scottsdale

We were able to get an appointment to have the battery replaced in Celia’s iPhone but the only location that had the part that we needed was in North Scottsdale.  After confirming that they actually had the battery we set off on our journey to have this done.  (The Apple Store in North Scottsdale is … Continue reading Western Spirit found in Scottsdale