Bandon by the Sea – coastal oregon

As we continued to explore the Southern Oregon Coast we stayed a few days in a small town on the banks of the Coquille River called Bandon. This small community is just south of the largest town on the Oregon Coast, Coos Bay. There are some beautiful spots in the area and we were able … Continue reading Bandon by the Sea – coastal oregon

Oregon’s “Banana Belt” – Brookings, Oregon

The Oregon Coast keeps beckoning us back. We have traveled there a number of times and have explored different parts of this rugged coastline. Previously we had been to the central and northern sections but this time we headed to the southern coast. The southern coastline lies just north of the California border and is … Continue reading Oregon’s “Banana Belt” – Brookings, Oregon

On the Lookout for Lewis and Clark

Fort Mandan – Washburn, ND In previous posts we have been able to visit some of the historic Lewis and Clark sites such as Three Island Crossing in Idaho, as well as Baker City, Oregon City, and Fort Catsop in Oregon. We knew that Lewis and Clark had followed the Missouri River hoping to find … Continue reading On the Lookout for Lewis and Clark