Seward Alaska – “Alaska Starts Here!”

Seward AK 2018-63

The number one place to visit, according to many Alaskans, is the town of Seward. There are so many interesting places in Alaska, but while our two daughters were here we wanted to focus on some of the best areas. Seward turned out to be an excellent choice.

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One thing to keep in mind is that Seward is a coastal town surrounded by high mountains that trap rainy weather in its bay, Resurrection Bay. It is actually a coastal rainforest. We got to experience the wet weather for much of the time that we were there. Alaskans just deal with it so we decided we would too.

Seward AK 2018-214
Seward is a very compact town that is very walkable from one end to another. Amazingly, the city has turned the shorefront park into a very large place for RVs to park directly on the bay. It is very popular, beautiful, and very convenient. It is first-come first-served for camping spaces. We were able to snag a waterfront site where we could look out over the bay each day.

Seward AK 2018-204

We really enjoyed seeing the wildlife that paraded in front of us each day. Especially beautiful were the eagles that landed right in front of our camper. Ashley got a great shot of one of them.

Seward AK 2018-157

Even if you did not do any of the many activities in the Seward area it would still be an enjoyable stay, but here there are plenty of things to do including hikes, boat tours, flightseeing, fishing, kayaking, and biking.

Seward AK 2018-24-2

A highlight for us was a hike to Exit Glacier. It is accessible on foot and is just a few miles from Seward. The glacier is a beautiful blue hue that the dense ice provides and is deceptively massive in size. We took the Harding Icefield Trail which, not only has good views of the glacier, but has beautiful wildflowers at this time of year.

We saw a black bear amble his way across the glacier and make his way up the mountainside on the other side.

Seward AK 2018-69-2

A group of hikers were braving the ice and rappelling into the crevasses giving us some perspective as to the glacier’s size.

Seward AK 2018-81-2

This is a “don’t miss” stop when in the Seward area. Exit Glacier and the area trails are part of the Kenai Fjords National Park, one of the newer parks in the national system. Most of the park is only assessable by boat or plane, which we will talk about in an upcoming post.

Another day we visited in the Caine’s Head State Recreation Area which is south of Seward.  Some of our new Alaskan friends had recommended it and we enjoyed our hike out to Tonsina Point. Thank you Sandy and Sarah!

Back in Seward, you will find some cozy coffee shops and great restaurants. Be sure to visit the harbor in the afternoon as the anglers bring in that day’s catch. The halibut are enormous.

Seward AK 2018-20

As we strolled about we enjoyed the numerous murals scattered all over the town.

This bustling town is one of Alaska’s oldest cities and has countless visitors who arrive via cruise ship, Alaska Railroad, or automobile. To capture the spirit of this small town on the Resurrection Bay their slogan is “Alaska Starts Here!”

If you go to Seward in an RV:

Many campers head straight to the city campgrounds. The city has established 11 areas for camping, most of them are along the shore. There are 99 water/30 amp hookups, but the majority are dry camping sites. In some areas, the third row is tiered so that the campsites overlook the first two rows allowing for better views. The online map is here. It is very popular so it is advisable to arrive by noon to secure a spot.

There are restrooms, paid showers, and dumpsters in the campgrounds plus several camp hosts. You check-in at by an automated kiosk so that you can use a credit card. You register by license plate as opposed to site number. This allows you to change sites if a better location opens up and you want to move spots. The city also has a dump/water fill station nearby for a fee.

This is not a fancy campground as it is mainly just gravel lots with designated sites lined up side-by-side. People are always walking around the area taking in the beautiful mountain and bay views, so you will not find solitude here. Along with the passing sea otters there are numerous fishing boats and an occasional cruise ship in the bay. All in all, this is one place where you can really appreciate the advantages of living in a RV.

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  1. We LOVED Seward! We worked at Renfros Lakeside Retreat (you had to have passed it – it’s about 20 miles north of Seward) and spent a lot of time in the town of Seward, including the hike to Exit Glacier. We loved to walk around the waterfront and watch the otters play.

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