Farewell to the City of Roses

After two months in Portland, it is time to bid farewell to the “City of Roses.” Before we take our leave though, we wanted to share a few more fun things that we did in this area. The Columbia River Gorge is a National Scenic Area due to its fantastic waterfalls, like Multnomah Falls, Bridal … Continue reading Farewell to the City of Roses

The People’s Coast of Oregon

Oregon’s Pacific Coast Scenic Byway is a 363 mile highway that runs the length of the coast, from Astoria to the north to Brookings to the south. This coastline boasts 75 state parks, 9 lighthouses, many breath-taking viewpoints, and miles and miles of beautiful beaches. It has always been a favorite destination for Oregonians and … Continue reading The People’s Coast of Oregon

The Goose Not Made of Spruce

One of the “must see” museums in Oregon is the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum located in McMinnville. While you might not have heard about it, you may be familiar with the famous boat plane showcased there, the Spruce Goose. This creation of Howard Hughes, that has a wingspan of more than an American football … Continue reading The Goose Not Made of Spruce

Adventures in Central Oregon

Outdoor adventures abound in Central Oregon due to its many lakes, mountains, waterfalls, and rivers. Fortunately, we got to explore two of these natural wonders and do some hiking with our good friends Jim and Jan. Smith Rock State Park is one of the 7 wonders of Oregon. Located about 26 miles north of Bend … Continue reading Adventures in Central Oregon

A Bend in the River – Bend, Oregon

Oregon is one our favorite places, not only because our daughter lives in Portland, but also because there are so many wonderful places to visit and interesting things to do. We have been in Oregon a number of times but there are still parts of the state that we have not explored yet. We have … Continue reading A Bend in the River – Bend, Oregon

Hidden Gem – Lake City, Colorado

Sometimes the unplanned happenings become some of the best adventures. We discovered a small town deep in the San Juan Mountains that quickly became one of our favorites. It is an experience that we would not have had without good friends. After spending some time with family in North Carolina, I flew back to Montrose, … Continue reading Hidden Gem – Lake City, Colorado