Rollin’ on the River

The Riverboat Discovery tour was one of the highlights of our time in Fairbanks. The Discovery is the only remaining operational sternwheelers left in the state.  When Captain Charlie Bentley arrived in 1898 with hopes of plying the rivers in Alaska, he had no idea that his family would be following in his footsteps over … Continue reading Rollin’ on the River

Kluane National Park

The employee at the visitor center said to pronounce it “Clue on knee”. However you say it, it is Canada’s largest national park and is the location for the official commemoration of the US/Canada joint war effort to complete an overland passageway from Canada to Alaska. To journey there from the lower 48, you pass … Continue reading Kluane National Park

Yukon – “Larger Than Life”

The Yukon Territory, or just “the Yukon” as the residents call it, is both the smallest of the three Canadian territories and the least populated.  Although it is ranked 9th by area, it has less than 39,000 residents.  Of those, 28,000 live in the city of Whitehorse, its capital.  With so few people in the … Continue reading Yukon – “Larger Than Life”

Muncho Lake

  Isn’t it a wonderful surprise when something is so much better than you expect? Muncho Lake in the Northern Canadian Rockies was that for us. Muncho means “big lake” in the Kaska language. We found a wonderful place to camp, directly on the jade colored lake, called Strawberry Flats. It is an absolutely beautiful … Continue reading Muncho Lake