Just What the Doctor Ordered

It’s been a while since David and I have posted on our blog. Over the past few months, we traveled quickly from Oregon to the East Coast and we settled in the Tampa, Florida area where we have spent time with our family. We have celebrated the holidays and the marriages of both of our … Continue reading Just What the Doctor Ordered

Venice of the South – Cedar Key, Florida

Cedar Key, located on the Gulf Coast of Florida, has for several years been on our bucket list. We have really enjoyed our time in Cedar Key and have taken advantage of the “chill” atmosphere after a busy summer of traveling. This town is the escape from the vacationing masses that invade Florida annually. There … Continue reading Venice of the South – Cedar Key, Florida

You’ve Got Mail!

By far the most frequent question we received during our Christmas trip back East was “How do you get mail?” Fortunately that has been one of the easier parts of being a nomad. In spite of the fact that some people assume that is impossible for us to receive mail, it is quite easy. Before … Continue reading You’ve Got Mail!