Chaco Culture in New Mexico

This world heritage site is probability one of the most fascinating places we have visited. Construction started in the 800s and continued growing for over 300 years. This massive complex served as a ceremonial and administrative center for an area that encompassed hundreds of miles. The central structure, the Pueblo Bonito, was over four stories … Continue reading Chaco Culture in New Mexico

Navajo Culture in New Mexico

David and I feel very blessed to have met some wonderful people and to have made good friends in our RVing travels. We met Marsha and Glenn our first year “on the road” when we attended the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta. They were very kind to us and showed us some interesting places nearby. Over our … Continue reading Navajo Culture in New Mexico

Exploring the High Desert – Taos, New Mexico, Part 2

Taos was first colonized by Spain in 1615 after first having been visited by Captain Hernán Alvarado 75 years earlier. When the conquistadors arrived in this area, they would have encountered the Tewa Indians and others who had been here for hundreds of years. Land grant settlers built the historic plaza in the 1790s in … Continue reading Exploring the High Desert – Taos, New Mexico, Part 2

Gorge-ous Taos, New Mexico

We continued our month-long visit to the NE New Mexico area by moving from Santa Fe to a small campground near the historic city of Taos. The Pilar Campground in the Orilla Verde Recreation Area is located in the Rio Grande del Norte National Monument. What we did not realize until we arrived was that … Continue reading Gorge-ous Taos, New Mexico

Frijoles Canyon – Bandelier National Monument

While we were camping in Abiquiú, we met another camper who comes to New Mexico often. When we asked her about places “not to miss,” she told us that we should go to Bandelier National Monument. Given that it was less than an hour drive from Santa Fe, we took a day trip to see … Continue reading Frijoles Canyon – Bandelier National Monument