Custer State Park

David got up and took the truck to the dealer in Rapid City.  He was back around lunchtime.  It seems that the key was faulty.  They got us a new one and we have not had any more problems with the truck starting. After David returned, we went to Custer State Park.  It is a [...]

Black Hills South Dakota

This morning we spent some time resolving a few problems and getting some day-to-day things done.  As we mentioned earlier, the surge protector was not working properly so David called the company and arranged for them to send us a new one. Yesterday, when we were leaving Wall Drug, the truck had difficulty starting up.  [...]

Corn Palace – We were ear!

We decided not to get up quite so early this morning because we wanted to miss the Monday morning “rush hour” traffic.  There were also thunderstorms in the area but they moved out about 9 AM.  We left shortly thereafter. We were gifted another beautiful, cool, and sunny day.  We travelled through lots of green [...]

Old Town Omaha

We rose early and got on the road quickly because we had a 6 + hour drive to reach Omaha, NE.  It was a picture-perfect day – temperature in the 80’s and no humidity!  We stayed in a city campground in the town of Papillion, NE.  It was a very nice campground. The only problem [...]


We got up and took care of some more things in the camper, like setting up the printer and reviewing insurance paperwork, etc. Also, we had a few repair projects to complete.  It seems that that will be a constant full timing! In the afternoon, we drove to Hermann, MO, a small quaint town established [...]