An Artist’s Retrospective of the Past Eight Months

We’ve been full timing now for 8 months! Those months have been full of adventures and have flown by.  It’s not been all wine and roses but, on the whole, we have thoroughly enjoyed the experiences that we’ve had on the road.  We feel very fortunate to have had this opportunity and we would not … Continue reading An Artist’s Retrospective of the Past Eight Months

Swan Lake – Colter Bay

Our National Parks offer some really wonderful Ranger-led talks and hikes.  We have found them to be very educational and enjoyable.  This afternoon we joined a group of 19 other Park visitors and hiked to Swan Lake. Our hike was an easy, three-mile walk. We walked from Colter Bay through a very lush forest to … Continue reading Swan Lake – Colter Bay

Les Trois Tetons

The Grand Tetons, originally named by French fur trappers, lie to the west of Jackson, WY.  They were called in French “Les Trois Tetons” which translated means “the three breasts.”  The highest of the Tetons, the Grand Teton, stands at 13,770 feet above sea level and is in the southern part of the mountain range.  … Continue reading Les Trois Tetons