Stuck in the Middle – Rockland, Maine

Sandwiched between the southern beaches and Acadia National Park is the area the locals call “the Middle Coast” or “the Mid-Coast.” Unlike the hustle and bustle of the other two regions, it is a bit quieter and more “laid back.” There still will be plenty of summer visitors but the less hurried vibe of Rockland … Continue reading Stuck in the Middle – Rockland, Maine

Portland, Maine

Portland was Maine’s original capital when it became a state in 1820. Seven years later they decided to move the capital to Augusta. Today, Portland is a vibrant port city and it is the largest city by population in the state. Forty percent of all the residents of Maine live in the greater Portland area. … Continue reading Portland, Maine

Hey Batter Batter – Cooperstown, NY

The other sports are just sports. Baseball is love. - Bryant Gumbel. One of my bucket list items for many years is to visit the Baseball Hall of Fame in the small town of Cooperstown, NY. As we traveled north, I wanted to be sure that we headed toward this baseball shrine that celebrates and … Continue reading Hey Batter Batter – Cooperstown, NY

Cars in the Land of Chocolate – AACA Museum, Hershey, PA

12 Cylinder Lincoln In keeping with our usual practice of driving only short distances on any given day, we stopped at a Harvest Host location in Hershey, PA. The AACA Museum is an antique auto museum and it turned out to be a lot of fun and a great place to spend a very rainy … Continue reading Cars in the Land of Chocolate – AACA Museum, Hershey, PA