Last Days in Portland

Even though we were staying 30 miles south of Portland, we ventured back into Portland over the weekend. We decided that we couldn’t leave the city without visiting the Saturday Market again.  This time we came prepared with a cooler and we bought some wonderfully fresh, organic produce. At the Market, we also ran into … Continue reading Last Days in Portland

Good Eats in Portland

Portland is known for its food- its markets, restaurants, food carts, coffeehouses and breweries. We explored a number of the city’s culinary offerings while we were there. The first stop on our gastronomic adventure was to visit Portland’s famous food carts.  There are so many food carts in and around Portland that you could eat … Continue reading Good Eats in Portland

Water and Roses

In Portland itself and in the greater Portland area, there are many wonderful activities to do.  On Wednesday, David and I visited part of the Columbia River gorge.  It was a beautiful drive along the broad Columbia River. In the Columbia River gorge, there are a number of waterfalls. One of the most visited falls … Continue reading Water and Roses


Portland is the largest city in Oregon. Portland’s name was decided on a coin toss between the names Portland and Boston.  Prior to the toss, the area was merely called “The Clearing.” Portland received the nickname, “Stumptown,” when it experienced rapid growth in the mid-19th century. To make more room for the growing population, they … Continue reading Stumptown