Christmas Gifts for the RV Crowd


Bushnell 2018-5

It’s that wonderful Christmas gift giving time of year. Whether there is snow on the ground or not, it is hard not to be in a festive mood. Plenty of Christmas music helps, as does participating in the unique events of the season. It is a special time to share with others.

For those who have RVing friends, it can be especially challenging when choosing the perfect gift. If your friend lives in an RV, it is important to remember that space and weight are usually at a premium. Don’t worry or fret because there are plenty of gifts that don’t break the budget and also will fit into tight places. An added bonus is that there are some items that can serve more than one purpose!

I was thinking that there are two important lists: one is a gift giving list and the other is a list of important essentials that we have relied on. Here is the gift list with the essentials list to follow soon. Remember December 25th is coming soon!

Note: We are not Amazon affiliates or of any other company for that matter. We don’t have any financial interest in any of these items, and the ones we own, we purchased ourselves.

Christmas Ideas 2018-1

Online Books

We try to have as few physical books as possible. An E Reader is not for everyone, but once you are hooked, why use anything else? Nowadays as an added bonus, libraries have plenty of e-books that can be downloaded for free.

Audible or Books on Tape

These are great for long travel days and there are smartphone apps that make it easy. Again, libraries offer these for free.

Christmas Ideas 2018-5

Yeti Tumblers

This was a great gift and much better I imagined. We use ours literally everyday.

Fiinger Lake Palmer AK 2018-1

Inflatable Kayak

When pulling a Fifth Wheel it is a great answer as to how to transport a kayak.

Christmas Ideas 2018-8

Indoor Outdoor Thermometer

I attached the bracket for the outside unit to the bumper mount.

Christmas Ideas 2018-8-2

Battery Operated Fan

We have one that uses the same battery as my power drill, PLUS can be connected to 120 volt power.

Christmas Ideas 2018-18

Collapsible Kitchen Items (Bowl, Colander, Measuring Cups, etc.)

These are practically a “must have” and are used all the time. They store in a much smaller space than the regular ones.

Christmas Ideas 2018-11

Instant Pot (Six Quart is the best size)

What can I say, it lives up to the hype. The Instant Pot replaces multiple appliances and works fantastically.

Christmas Ideas 2018-22

SILPAT Baking Sheets

Think of parchment paper on steroids. Who has time to clean up the baking mess.

Christmas Ideas 2018-23

French Press (not glass)

This stainless steel one is a little pricey but built to withstand years of use.

Christmas Ideas 2018-26

Cuisinart Hand Blender

Packs in a very small space and is easy to clean.

Bushnell 2018-15

Personalized Camping Garden Flag

These can be purchased on-line with the names of the recipients and camping themes.

Christmas Ideas 2018-1-2

Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers

These are not waterproof but great sound. Ones that can stand a little rain would be best.

Christmas Ideas 2018-35


You don’t need a RV to use these a lot. It gives off plenty of light and you have both hands free when working.

Christmas Ideas 2018-30

USA Scratch Off Map

This one you scratch off states when you visit them. We love this. There are several varieties on-line.

Other ideas:

Portable Firepit (we don’t have but see many campers with them)

Camping Journal Spiral Bound Notebook for Travel Notes

Barbecue Grill Set

Picnic Tablecloth You may want to add some tablecloth clips to this gift as well.

Packable Hammock Something like this one.

One Burner Induction Stovetop (we don’t have one of these but others really like them) Remember that not all pots and pans will work with this burner. Some newer RVs come with these as their regular cooktops.

Fuel Cards (especially Flying J or other truck stops)

Gift Cards (Movie, Redbox, Restaurants, Amazon, etc.)

Portable Foldable Cooler (good when picking up groceries a long way from camp)

3 thoughts on “Christmas Gifts for the RV Crowd

  1. Great list, Celia and David!
    We have some of these indespensible items and others are on our wishlist too.
    Thanks for sharing and happy holidays to you and yours.
    Cheers, Lisa and Jason


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