Montana’s First Capital – Bannack, MT

Ghost towns have never seemed very exciting to us. When we decided to stop in Dillon, MT many of our friends recommended that we go visit Bannack State Park because it was a ghost town and an interesting historic site. David and I took their advice and drove about 30 minutes to the state park. … Continue reading Montana’s First Capital – Bannack, MT

Mountain High – Island Park, ID

Henry's Lake at 10,000 Feet Island Park, ID is at 6293 feet above sea level and is the highest town in Idaho. As we noted in a previous post, it was the perfect place to go during the usually hot western U. S. heat wave. Island Park has become a staging area for Yellowstone National … Continue reading Mountain High – Island Park, ID

Teddy Rides Again

Theodore Roosevelt has made an indelible mark on our country as a whole, but especially on the state of North Dakota. There are over 15 sites and statues in the state commemorating the 26th President of the United States, including a national park. Businesses have captured the legacy of the wealthy New Yorker turned North … Continue reading Teddy Rides Again