There’s going to be a fight – Tombstone

Who knew that the famous town of Tombstone was at one time one of the wealthiest places in the West? This silver mining boomtown generated millions of dollars and there were a large number of businesses in this Cochise County town that boarders Mexico. Founded in 1879, Tombstone ended up in its heyday with an … Continue reading There’s going to be a fight – Tombstone

A Sobering Visit

The Titan II Missile carried America’s largest nuclear payload on its largest missile. The Titan II program designed to be in service 10 years, was on continuous alert for 24 years starting in 1963. These hardened silos were in three locations in the United States. The Tucson area was one of the three and was … Continue reading A Sobering Visit

San Xavier del Bac Mission

Happy Palm Sunday!  We’ve finally gotten the camper repaired and have made our way to Benson, AZ. Benson is east of Tucson and we are camping at the Escapees Saguaro RV Park.  We have been wanting to come to this area and this park in particular for quite some time.  There are many things to … Continue reading San Xavier del Bac Mission

Boyce Thompson Arboretum

Since we are still in the Phoenix area awaiting parts for our camper repairs, we decided to use this time to explore this area of the country.  We had come to Phoenix to visit the Musical Instrument Museum, the Desert Botanical Gardens, and the Heard Museum but there are so many other interesting places here … Continue reading Boyce Thompson Arboretum