Father’s Day in Chapel Hill

We had spent the past two nights with Kimberly since the campground closed the gates at 10 PM and we didn’t get back from the wedding celebrations until late.  We enjoyed having some special time together at Kimberly’s house.

We went to church together in downtown Chapel Hill.  After the service, we walked to Crook’s Corner, a famous restaurant in Chapel Hill, and had lunch.  We celebrated Father’s Day there!  We had their wonderful shrimp and grits and David enjoyed one of their awesome biscuits!


In the afternoon, David worked on uploading photos of the wedding and rehearsal dinner while we had fast internet service.  Also we talked to our daughter, Ashley, who is a third-grade teacher and lives in Oregon.  She was not able to come to the wedding because her school year was extended due to the ice and snow storms that they had this past winter.  It was good to catch up with her, tell her about the wedding, and share some of the pictures with her.

We returned to Parker’s Creek Campground at Jordan Lake.

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