Utah’s Snow Canyon

St. George UT and Snow Canyon 2018-184

When David and I were in Hurricane, UT last September to see Zion National Park, we met some fellow campers who had been in the area for some time.  They encouraged us to go visit Snow Canyon State Park. We did not because we did not have enough time. We rarely have time to see and do all that we want to see and do in a particular area when we are there.  When this happens, we put that place or activity on our “next time” list. That was the case with Snow Canyon. Since Snow Canyon was on our “wish list” and we were going to be traveling through southwestern Utah, we decided to stop in St. George, UT for a couple of nights.

St. George UT and Snow Canyon 2018-101

We liked the city of St. George because it appears to be very clean and well-maintained.  We saw several crews out cleaning up the highways and there are many bike paths throughout the area. We were told that St. George is the fastest growing city in Utah. We can certainly understand why. Not only is the city nice but it is located in a beautiful part of the state.

St. George UT and Snow Canyon 2018-92

We woke up to blue skies after the rains moved out overnight.  Snow Canyon was close to where we were camping so it did not take us long to get to the park.

St. George UT and Snow Canyon 2018-173

Snow Canyon State Park is a gorgeous park that has many geological features, such as, lava flows, lava tubes, red and white Navajo sandstone mountains and cliffs, cinder cones, as well as petrified sand dunes. There are two canyons, the West Canyon and Snow Canyon, which converge in the middle of the park forming a valley.

St. George UT and Snow Canyon 2018-113

There are over 16 miles of hiking trails in the park. We also saw many runners and bikers who were enjoying the scenery as well.

David and I decided to hike the Lava Flow Trail. This trail wound through a lava flow, past two lava tubes, and ended at an overlook where we could see the valley below. It was a treat to see the red and white sandstone mountains as we walked along.  The lava formations were covered with green moss and orange lichen and the cacti and other wildflowers were blooming so that added even more color to this picturesque setting. This landscape would definitely serve as inspiration for a number of lovely landscape paintings. It was a beautiful sight!

Interestingly, a number of well-known Hollywood movies were filmed in the park.  Some of them are Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, The Electric Horseman, Jeremiah Johnson, Run of the Arrow, and many more.

St. George UT and Snow Canyon 2018-169

There is a campground with 35 campsites with water and electric. We drove through the campground and it was almost full. Its location in the center of the park was outstanding. It would be a great place to camp.

St. George UT and Snow Canyon 2018-189

David and I are not complaining because we camped in a lovely spot in St. George and met a nice couple while we were there.

We are very happy that we took the time to go to Snow Canyon State Park.  It is truly a gem!

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  1. Hey Guys! I hope you are having fun!! It certainly looks like it!! I have been so busy, I caught up on the last 5-6 of your blogs!!! It makes me look forward to retirement!!


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