North to Canada

Canada National Parks Kootenay Banff Jasper-82

We have headed north from Kalispell, MT to Jasper, AB one of the “bucket list” places we have been wanting to visit for a long time. Our time in Kalispell was spent with a full list of tasks each day. We needed to get the trailer tire repaired, rotate the Silver Fox tires, do laundry, stock up on groceries, go to Home Depot (twice!), contact credit card companies, etc. During our visit to Costco we also got the new and improved shingles shot (SHINGRIX). We did not even make it to Glacier National Park. Interestingly enough they have had so much snow this winter that the road through the park may not open until mid-July!

Canada National Parks Kootenay Banff Jasper-48

Ready to travel north we passed through customs and spent the night in Radium Hot Springs, British Columbia at a Provincial Park. Fortunately we had calculated the Bighorn height in meters so we knew what bridge heights were passable. The rig created quite a stir at customs as the staff stopped us and checked to be sure we could pass under their awning.

Canada National Parks Kootenay Banff Jasper-42

The Dry Gulch Park in Radium Hot Springs was “dry camping” but we were prepared. It was anything but dry as we had a wet travelling day. We dug out our rain jackets that we had not used in seven months and got to work setting up.

Canada National Parks Kootenay Banff Jasper-75

The next morning we travelled through the beautiful Kootenay, Banff, and Jasper National Parks. We entered the Jasper National Park from the south via the Icefields Parkway.

Canada National Parks Kootenay Banff Jasper-46

We took the route to avoid travelling through Calgary and both of us have been to Banff before so we bypassed both. The drive was absolutely amazing and it was a good decision. Kootenay Park is a beautiful drive but it put the Silver Fox to the test. There are multiple steep grades that need to be traversed along the way. In spite of a cloudy day we took plenty of pictures. Kootenay National Park was established in 1920 and adjoins the popular Banff National Park. The road through the park traversing the Canadian Rockies is also an important connection to the west to British Columbia. The western entrance to the park is in the town of Radium Hot Springs.

Canada National Parks Kootenay Banff Jasper-97

As if it couldn’t get any better as we traveled through Kootenay Park, the Icefields Parkway in the Jasper National Park is one of the most gorgeous we have ever traveled. Every mile (err kilometer) is beautiful.

Canada National Parks Kootenay Banff Jasper-137

This is a great time of year to make the journey as the crowds have not yet arrived even though we saw multiple tour buses along the way. This upcoming weekend is Victoria Day in Canada and all the lodging reservations have been taken for months. It will be the kickoff for the vacation season here.

We are currently staying for the week in the town of Jasper and looking forward to a great visit.

Happy Mother’s Day!

7 thoughts on “North to Canada

    1. It defiantly should be on everyone’s bucket list. We just found out that the main campground in Jasper, Whistlers that we are in will be closed next year. That is almost 800 sites that will not be available. I have got to believe that it is going to be difficult to stay in the area next year. The good news is that they are completely rebuilding the facility with many improvements.


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