Fixing the Fox

We had planned on going to Mammoth Cave NP but as we were climbing Old Fort mountain outside of Asheville, NC, a light on the Silver Fox (aka Silverado 3500) came on and it concerned us.  We went to the local Chevy dealer in the nearest town when we arrived yesterday but he could not look at it until the following day.  We decided that we should not continue our journey until we could have this resolved.

David took the truck to the dealer near us early in the morning but they were too busy to look at it so he had to go into Knoxville to another dealer.  As it turned out, that was a blessing.  The dealership dealt mainly with fleet trucks and the mechanic was very familiar with heavy-duty trucks and knew immediately what was wrong with it.  They needed to order a part for the truck so that meant staying another day in the Knoxville area.

What a blessing to have found the right person to fix the truck!  He told us that we would not have made it out of the state if we had not had it repaired.  It was something to do with the fuel injector sensor and if it is not repaired, the truck won’t run! Anyway, the other good news was that it is covered under the manufacturer’s warranty and it didn’t cost us any money, just time.  Reeder Chevrolet saves the day!

We arranged to stay on the farm another night and cancelled our reservations at Mammoth Cave. It had been a cloudy day but the sun came out in the afternoon and we enjoyed another short walk around the farm after dinner! Hopefully we can get on our way tomorrow.


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