Country Cookin’

The Chevy dealership called first thing this morning and said that the part was in! David took the truck back to Knoxville and by 2:15 PM we were hitched up and heading west again.  Tropical storm Cindy was making her way toward us and we were getting the early bands of rain.  We were trying to decide whether to head towards Nashville or go north through Louisville.  We finally decided to head west since it seemed to be clearing there sooner.  It still rained a lot on us and it wasn’t until we had passed Nashville that the weather cleared up.


We decided to stay at a Cracker Barrel.  They have free camping at some stores and there was one in Cadiz, KY where we could stay.  We got there and had dinner at the restaurant.  After dinner, we sat on the porch and played checkers.



We were graced with a magnificent sunset!  We sat there for a long while watching the sky change colors as the sun went down.  We retired to the camper and got a good night’s sleep.  It had been a long, eventful day!



3 thoughts on “Country Cookin’

    1. Tom,

      I do have portable generators, but at a Cracker Barrel or such, it is not etiquette to put slides out or run external generators. Have to be sure it is not too hot!
      I have to say, the folks at Cracker Barrel were very friendly and helpful. Not sure how much we will do this, we spent more on meals than we would have camping 🙂



  1. So interesting that you stayed in Cadiz which is the county seat of Trigg Co, KY. David, we have lots of DNA there — our McGinnis, Reedy, Landrum, Walden, and Weatherford ancestors all lived there at one time or the other. You must have felt at home!


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