Lazy Day

We got up and ate breakfast at Cracker Barrel.  We drive 6 hours to Danville, MO where we had reservations for the next two nights. When we left Cadiz, KY, the sun was out.  We did run into more rain as we traveled north.  We finally ran out of it about 2.5 hours later.  After the rain, we were graced with miles and miles of cornfields that were a bright shade of green set against a cerulean blue sky!

We arrived in Danville, MO at about 2:30 PM.  We stayed at Lazy Day campground.  It’s about 1.25 hours west of St. Louis.  It is a very cute and nice campground.  The owners were very helpful and had spent the past 20 years making improvements and it showed!


We had a nice campsite that overlooked the woods.  There was a small swimming pool, a fishing pond, a dog park, a nice and clean laundry room, and lots of flowers all around.


We would have liked to have stayed there longer.  The nearest town with a grocery store was 6 miles away and the other one, Hermann, was over 20 minute drive.  Nevertheless, it was a perfect place for us!


We got some rest in the afternoon and did some laundry.  We got a great night’s sleep, too!


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