Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum – Seattle


Monday was a high water mark for me; it was art day!  We spent the day in an area that was originally part of the 1962 World’s Fair.  The Seattle Space Needle stands 605 feet tall and has a 360 degree observatory at the top of this building.


The Space Needle is an iconic symbol of Seattle.  Near the Space Needle there is the International Fountain and a Monorail to the center of Seattle are located there.  The Monorail is a historic landmark. Both of these were also built for the Fair. In addition, there are a number of recently constructed museums like the Museum of Pop Culture, the Pacific Science Center, and the Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum in this part of town too.


We spent most of the morning in the Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum.  This museum, designed by Dale Chihuly, features some of his best artwork.  Dale Chihuly is an internationally known American glass sculptor.  His work can be seen in museums and conservatories all over the United States. Since Chihuly is originally from the state of Washington, he wanted to create a unique space that would highlight his work here.  This museum space is visually stunning and breathtakingly beautiful.

After a wonderful lunch in the Museum district, we walked down to the Olympic Sculpture Park that is located beside Elliott Bay. We strolled along the waterfront and watched the seagulls and the ships coming and going.  Also we rode the monorail into town and back.  Just had to do it!

Our trip to Seattle would not be complete if we did not fit in a trip to REI’s flagship store.  David enjoyed looking around the store.  They have a huge climbing wall in the store.  After spending some time there and grabbing a bite to eat at a small Mexican eatery, we went to visit with two of Kimberly’s medical school friends.  We enjoyed catching up with them and they took us to a great little ice cream shop called Hello Robin.  It’s a good thing that we are walking so many miles every day.  Maybe that will offset some of the ice cream calories.

6 thoughts on “Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum – Seattle

  1. We got to see some of the Chihuly glass art work at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens with Linda and Randy. It was really nice.


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