We Got Our Kicks on Route 66

Williams AZ 2018-6

We had found a wonderful boondocking spot outside of Camp Verde, AZ. We made some new friends and had a great view of the area mountain range. It also gave me a chance to really test our new solar panels. They worked quite well and we never pulled out the generators the entire time we were there. We could have stayed much longer and no doubt will try to return.

Williams AZ 2018-11

As we made our way from Camp Verde to Lake Havasu, AZ we had planned to stay a night or two in Williams, AZ on Route 66.  We looked at the forecast and the low was going to be 24 degrees, far colder than where we were currently.  One of the advantages of being in a RV is that you can just follow the weather and we knew Lake Havasu, our next destination, was at a much lower elevation. Because of this, it is much warmer so we decided to just visit Williams and move on to Lake Havasu.

Williams AZ 2018-38

Williams is the “gateway” to the Grand Canyon and is the location of the train that makes its way to the village at the south rim of the canyon. Celia and I had both been to the Grand Canyon and decided that we would save that for another trip. Williams has made the most of being on Route 66 and its proximity to the Grand Canyon with shops, restaurants, hotels, and even a RV park at the train terminal. The Grand Canyon Railway and Hotel company offers “package” deals for the train and RV park. Some full timing friends of ours had mentioned that, during this “off-season” time, the Grand Canyon Railway RV Park is half price via a Passport America rate. If you read any full timing blogs you will quickly discover that Passport America is the best deal going. We have used it repeatedly especially when on the road between destinations.

Williams AZ 2018-44

We squeezed into a spot at the visitor center and did a walking tour of the town.

The town boasts many vintage cars dotted along Route 66 downtown.

Almost everything is within walking distance, including the train station.

Williams AZ 2018-22

We had one of the best lunches at the Grand Canyon Coffee and Café which is in the same building as the Red Garter.

Williams AZ 2018-46

I am sure that this is a very bustling place in the summer, and we could not have picked a better time to visit.


2 thoughts on “We Got Our Kicks on Route 66

  1. You two are having a blast and we are so happy for your wonderful experiences and for sharing them on your blog. We miss seeing you and will try to make some sort of rendevous (don’t know when). Phyllis is retiring in June but I will likely work another year.


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