Muncho Lake


Muncho Lake BC 2018-13

Isn’t it a wonderful surprise when something is so much better than you expect? Muncho Lake in the Northern Canadian Rockies was that for us. Muncho means “big lake” in the Kaska language. We found a wonderful place to camp, directly on the jade colored lake, called Strawberry Flats. It is an absolutely beautiful spot, and we decided to stay additional days. The lake is surrounded by 7,000 foot mountains on each side.

British Columbia Muncho Lake Site 2018-131

Our spot!

Muncho Lake BC 2018-10

The first come, first served campground has no hookups, but we took on water before we left Dawson Creek and are in great shape.

Muncho Lake BC 2018-97

Besides the beautiful scenery there is abundant wildlife as well. One common animal, but new to us, is the stone sheep. It looks similar to the Dall sheep we will see in Alaska, but has a more tan color, a smaller face, and thinner horns.

Celia is always on the lookout for her favorite, the moose, and we spotted one on the lake.

We have really enjoyed the travelers we have met: the full timers on their 15th year who stay 6 months on a boat and 6 months in a RV. The dad and son from New England who are sprinting to Alaska in a rented truck camper and will fly back from Anchorage. The two pilots who are travelling to the lower 48 from home in Alaska to work for the summer.

This British Columbia Provincial campground called Strawberry Flats has 15 back in sites of which about half can accommodate large RVs. The majority are on the water. There is a pump water faucet and dumpster, but no sani-dump. There is no cell service for miles. The cost is about $15 US. There is another 15 site campground (McDonald) 7 km West of Strawberry Flats that has the same facilities. The Northern Rockies Lodge between the two campgrounds does have WiFi for a fee.

Muncho Lake BC 2018-140


8 thoughts on “Muncho Lake

  1. Hope you find a dump station and plenty of water. The pictures you post are amazing. You should consider selling your pictures and posts to local tourism, businesses, travel agencies and campgrounds. Or just writing a book about your travels. Glad you are getting more than you expected.


    1. Thanks for the kind words. It helps a lot when the scenery is amazing. We are having a blast and trying to go slower than those zipping along to Alaska. It is paying off.
      Camped next to a camper just like yours the other day and thought about both of you.
      Take care,


  2. We stayed in McDonald back in 2016 on our way up – and we loved it so much we stayed 4 days! Glad to you having such a great time! Hope you are driving down to Haines – you won’t regret it! Stay right on the water – views to die for! Also – Congdon Creek – gorgeous! Loving reliving our trip!


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