Cars in the Land of Chocolate – AACA Museum, Hershey, PA

12 Cylinder Lincoln

In keeping with our usual practice of driving only short distances on any given day, we stopped at a Harvest Host location in Hershey, PA. The AACA Museum is an antique auto museum and it turned out to be a lot of fun and a great place to spend a very rainy day in the land of milk chocolate.

We have visited several antique car museums recently. The AACA Museum’s collection, while it does not have the number of automobiles that we have seen in other places, what it does have is amazingly well preserved or restored. We liked the way the autos were displayed, not crammed into small spaces but arranged in a thoughtful manner.

One of the focuses of the Museum is the display of Tucker vehicles. While the production of these automobiles was short-lived, it was not because the car did not possess inventive designs. For example, the middle headlight turned with the steering wheel to shine the light in the direction that the car was turning. Years later some makes of cars are now including this type of feature. You may have seen the film starring Jeff Bridges about the Tucker Corporation. The AACA Museum has the largest collection of Tucker automobiles.

Remember the Coca-Cola trucks with the glass bottles? A 1925 Truck is on display.

The 1910 one cylinder Brush auto.

The 1917 Pierce Arrow

Its not a Ford but a Cord!

Check out the folding steering wheel for pregnant women and the child seat facing the driver!

An early mobile home.

1906 Waltham, one cylinder air-cooled four horsepower rear engine.

What better place to display the Kiss Mobile?

While we were there, the museum was in the process of changing displays and adding more antique cars to be viewed. If you enjoy seeing some of the early cars, you will enjoy visiting here. If you are lucky enough to have a RV, a place to stay will be included too!

6 thoughts on “Cars in the Land of Chocolate – AACA Museum, Hershey, PA

      1. No, but I would like to visit Hershey sometime and I will include the auto museum on the sights to see!


    1. We didn’t this time but did it some years ago. We we’re making tracks to the north. Ironically we are having to get out our winter clothes for the first time this year!


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