Well, there’s good news and there’s bad news.

For the past four days we have camped at a RV dealership in Spokane.  The good news is that the dealership has a few water and electric spots for clients awaiting repairs.  We arrived late in the afternoon on Monday.

Freedom RV 2017

The following morning the service department began the process of determining what was wrong with our air conditioning unit.  They determined that it was leaking refrigerant and would have to be replaced.  They contacted the manufacturer in Indiana to order a new one.  The bad news is that it will take at least two weeks for the replacement to arrive in Spokane and they could not guarantee that it would even be there that soon.  So… we will have to return to Spokane later so that they can replace the unit.  We have a full schedule for the next six weeks so we made an appointment to return after Labor Day.

While we were in Spokane, we did explore the area a bit.  One day we drove downtown and walked part of the Centennial Trail that runs beside the Spokane River.

Spokane 2017-17

There are two power plants on the river and there are some pretty falls, too.

Spokane 2017-26

David and I needed haircuts.  David found that the Paul Mitchell School was near us so we decided to go there.  This was a new experience for us.


Two of the students cut our hair and they did a great job.  Another plus was that we only paid $4.50 for the haircut. If you are over 60, you get 50% off the price.  We plan to go back there for another haircut when we return to Spokane in September.


Coffee “huts” are very prevalent throughout the city. These coffee shops are small buildings and many have cute names like “Stir Crazy” or “Wake Up Call.”  The latter is pictured below. We love coffee so this thrilled us.


6 thoughts on “Spokane

  1. Will you not have air conditioning til after you get the unit replaced? Is it coveted under warranty? Have been following tour progress, you are living my dream. Enjoy Spokane. Are you going near Seattle? If so check out Olympic Nat’l Park,particularly Hurricane Ridge. Best Wishes, Joan


    1. The bighorn has two AC units so we will make do with the one that is working correctly. It is covered under warranty, which I ironically takes longer for repairs due to approvals required, etc. We are going to Seattle and hope to visit, Rainier, Olympic, and Seattle itself. We are headed to North Cascades National park this week.


  2. I love the coffee picture! You are about an 1 & 1/2 from my brother in Idaho–turn east & wave Hi to him for me—ha! Sounds like a great time, and I’ll be praying that the weather stays relatively cool while you await your a/c.


  3. The coffee huts look very interesting! Would love to stop in for a cup of Joe! Sorry to hear about air conditioning system break down!


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