2018 Piddlin’ Around Full-Timing Recap Part 2

Part 1 of this recap is here. Surprisingly, the locals snubbed their noses at us visiting Fairbanks, but we spent a week there and enjoyed the town. It was very touristy, but we enjoyed the well done Discovery Riverboat Trip on the Chena River. The folks in Fairbanks are a hardy bunch, sharing tales of … Continue reading 2018 Piddlin’ Around Full-Timing Recap Part 2

Our Alaska Adventure Recap

David and I have had some time to reflect on our Alaska Adventure. We returned to the lower 48 several weeks ago. Since then, we have had a number of conversations with people who are interested in traveling to Alaska. We thought we would answer a few FAQs and offers some insights in this blog … Continue reading Our Alaska Adventure Recap

Seward Alaska – “Alaska Starts Here!”

The number one place to visit, according to many Alaskans, is the town of Seward. There are so many interesting places in Alaska, but while our two daughters were here we wanted to focus on some of the best areas. Seward turned out to be an excellent choice. One thing to keep in mind is … Continue reading Seward Alaska – “Alaska Starts Here!”