Tillamook, Oregon Part II

While Tillamook is an interesting town, there are a lot of beautiful areas in close proximity to it. We discovered waterfalls, quiet (and not so quiet) beaches, lighthouses, and scenic highways within an hour’s drive of our campsite. Munson Creek Falls, named for an early 19th century explorer and pioneer, was just a few miles … Continue reading Tillamook, Oregon Part II

Tillamook, Oregon

Tillamook, Oregon is perhaps best known for its creamery. You can find their delicious cheeses and ice cream in many stores throughout the United States. This creamery is actually a co-operative of almost 100 dairy farms and they take great pride in their products. The county is dotted with many agricultural and dairy farms. We … Continue reading Tillamook, Oregon

Chocolate, Kamut, and Cheese – Culinary Treats around Portland, Oregon

Spending more than a month in Portland afforded us the opportunity to spend time with our daughter, get some things repaired on the Bighorn and the Silver Fox, and explore more of Portland and the surrounding area. Although we had been in Portland last year, there are many things to see and do. In addition … Continue reading Chocolate, Kamut, and Cheese – Culinary Treats around Portland, Oregon