Corn Palace – We were ear!

We decided not to get up quite so early this morning because we wanted to miss the Monday morning “rush hour” traffic.  There were also thunderstorms in the area but they moved out about 9 AM.  We left shortly thereafter.

We were gifted another beautiful, cool, and sunny day.  We travelled through lots of green farm land.  It’s very flat and open.  It really gives you a sense of expansion, wide-openness!  It’s wonderful in its own way!

We stopped at the South Dakota Welcome Center and got some information about the state.  We have wanted to visit South Dakota for about 10 years and we finally made it!


The landscape changed once we got to South Dakota.  There’s corn but it’s very small and there are lots of bales of hay everywhere. In addition, there are lot of RVers out here! Everywhere!!

We arrived in Mitchell, SD about 2:30 PM.  After getting settled in, we went to visit the famous Corn Palace downtown. The Civic Center is decorated with corn and natural grasses.  Every year they change the theme and redecorate it.  It costs them $130,000 yearly.  They have decorated it every year for over 150 years.  It has corn murals inside as well.  It is the last one of its kind in the USA.


It was a very interesting and unique building.  I’ve not seen anything like it!!!




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