Northern Black Hills

Today we decided to return to the northern Black Hills and explore Spearfish Canyon.  There is a scenic byway through the canyon and we stopped a number of time to take photos. It was a lush and verdant valley.

Black Hills-143

At one of our stops, there were some waterfalls and a stream.  We saw a snake in the stream that was attempting to devour a 4-5” fish!  I have never witnessed such a thing!  In the end, the fish managed to get away.  Isn’t that the way most fish stories end?

We arrived at Spearfish Valley Lodge and decided to take a two mile hike to Roughlock Falls.  They are the most visited in this region and we could understand why.  It was another sunny, warm day so we decided to hike to the falls.


Black Hills-149

Black Hills-156

The hike itself was breathtaking!  There are certain places that you go where you are just mesmerized by the beauty.  You just want to linger there and soak it all in.  This was one of those places. The trail took us along a meadow flowing with crystalline water and the meadow was surrounded by granite peaks covered in Ponderosa pines.  For good measure, we saw an eagle soaring above the cliffs!  It was another wonder-filled day!

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