One Month and Counting

Bighorn in Bighorn Mountains-3053

Today is our one month anniversary!  We have been full timing for 30 days now and we have also logged 4000 miles.  That’s a record for us!

As David and I look back over this past month we wanted to share some minor and major things that we have learned:

  1. Full-timing is not like vacationing. We still have all the chores to do, paperwork to take care of, and bills to pay like we did when we owned a “sticks and bricks” house.
  2. There are always things to be repaired. It’s a good thing that David is so handy!
  3. It is important to have a good relationship with your spouse/partner because you will be living and working in “tight quarters.”
  4. You have to keep your camper clean and organized or it will drive you crazy. When you live in a small space, clutter can be a problem.
  5. It has taken a longer time than expected to plan our stops and connectivity has been a challenge at times.
  6. Traveling 4000 miles in one month is WAY too much. We need to slow down a bit and stay longer at each place we stop.
  7. RVing has become very popular and it is more difficult to find campsites because the campgrounds are packed especially in high season.
  8. Getting your camper repaired or serviced can take as long as two months to schedule. You have to plan ahead for service and maintenance repairs (see above.) Others have recommended scheduling service where you think you will be a month from now.
  9. You don’t need nearly as much “stuff” as you think you do. We continue getting rid of some of the things that we brought with us.
  10. You need to come prepared for all kinds of climate and weather changes. It’s very windy in the Plains states. It can be very stormy at times in South Dakota and even Tennessee. In summer, it is very hot in the mid-section of the country and it is cold at night in the Tetons.
  11. You should ways have water, snacks, sunscreen, and insect repellent at the ready. If you do, you will have the flexibility to decide to do something “on the spur of the moment.”
  12. Full-timing involves constant learning. Every place, and often every day, brings something new.
  13. We have learned how to survive without having water and electrical hook ups.
  14. This nomadic lifestyle is one that brings some challenges, many rewards, and pleasant surprises daily.
  15. You can get Amazon Prime shipments and receive mail wherever you are! We had a shipment delivered to the campground this week.
  16. Almost every person who is camping has their own story to tell; all you have to do is listen. We have encountered a family of five who home school their children and plan to be “on the road” for the next two years, a man from Las Vegas who had survived meningitis (he was told he would not live) and was out camping with his wife, numerous campers who came on vacation and decided to settle down and stay in the area, a retired couple who worked for Boeing and had their share of camper issues but are still enjoying their travels, etc. I guess we all have our own story to tell.
  17. There are some very helpful people who have come to our rescue, like the campground owner who loaned us his surge protector when ours failed, a full-timing couple who spent time answering our questions and offering us encouragement, the mechanic who repaired our truck, and others who have given us needed information and directions.
  18. Our country is an incredibly beautiful place. It has many different landscapes, lots of wildlife, and generous people.  We should strive to protect and value our great nation. We are very blessed to live in these United States.
  19. We have had many wonderful experiences and we are creating memories that we will not forget. As we reflect, we are amazed at all that we have seen and done over the past 30 days.

We are very blessed to have good friends and family who continue to encourage us. Many thanks to all of you for reading our blog!

5 thoughts on “One Month and Counting

  1. Thanks, David and Celia, for the updates and beautiful photos! We are enjoying your stories and wish we could spend that much time in the places you are visiting. The photos of the Tetons are breathtaking! We were there for just two days and hope to return. Thanks for sharing your adventures. Ed and Sandy


  2. Great entry. I spent a month camping as a student and recognize some of the challenges you are talking about.




  3. Y’all are living my retirement dreams! We spent our honeymoon in SD and WY and MT and it was just as amazing in early fall as you’re seeing now. Plus snow! Praying for y’all in your new adventures!


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