Grand Teton National Park

Yellowstone National Park is adjacent to Grand Teton National Park and is by far the most famous of the two. It is wonderful, but we really like the smaller Grand Teton National Park. From almost any spot, you can see the majestic mountains which tower over the landscape. The park is also a little more laid back, that is if a national park can be these days. You can see plenty of wildlife, hike beautiful trails, kayak, and of course just take in the scenery. In all our various travels, Grand Teton, keeps calling us back again and again.

We were able to grab some reservations at the Colter Bay Campground and were able to stay for a while. The campgrounds here have transitioned from “first come, first served” camping to reservation only, which prevented us from coming the previous year because the campgrounds fill up so fast and we were not aware of the change. Colter Bay is the perfect central location and is a great base camp. It is also near the famous Jackson Lake Lodge which has hosted international meetings and dignitaries over the years. The lodge also has a fabulous view.

As we have mentioned many times before, traveling like we do, you meet some of the best folks. While we were there, a group met together for a hike near the Jackson Lake Lodge. It was great to be invited to join such a wonderful group. We later had pizza at Dornans, near Moose, WY at the southern entrance.

Marina levels on previous visit verses this year.

The lake level this year was very low despite the floods that have destroyed parts of Yellowstone to the north. Large amounts of water have been released for irrigation in southern Idaho. So much water needed to be diverted downstream that the marina at Colter Bay was closed for the entire season! It is an eerie site to see the marina slips surrounded by grasses instead of water and boats.

Even if you only drive around the park in your car, you can see plenty of wildlife. Here we spotted a mamma bear and her four cubs crossing the road.

There are so many beautiful sites here that would make Ansel Adams pull out his camera.

View from Signal Mountain.

Fortunately, we had to go to Jackson, WY only once to have the oil changed in the truck, refuel, and pick up some prescriptions. Jackson is a year round full-fledged tourist town that is crawling with people, cars, and pedestrians. We did have a great lunch at a place called “Picnic”.

If you have never visited Jackson, it is worth the time. There is a unique town square, shops, and amazing art galleries. The National Museum of Wildlife Art just north of town is wonderful and should be on top of your list when visiting the area.

It was hard to leave one of our favorite spots and hopefully we can return soon. Pictures from previous trips are here, here, and here.

6 thoughts on “Grand Teton National Park

  1. We visited Grand Teton National Park earlier this year. It was our first visit to the park. I loved it! We stayed four days, and there was much more I wanted to do. I do feel called back to this park. Thank you for your post. I relived our memories as I read yours.

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