A Trio of Stunning Lakes

Jasper and Pyramid Lake-60

There are a number of lovely glacial lakes within a few minutes-drive of the town’s center. After talking to the ranger in the Information Center in Jasper, David and I decided to go visit several of them one day. We went to Pyramid, Patricia, and Beauvert Lakes.

Jasper and Pyramid Lake-57

Pyramid Lake is in the shadow of Pyramid Mountain.  The lake is frequented by canoers and kayakers.  There is an island called Pyramid Island that you can access via a wooden foot bridge. The day that we were there, there was a wedding taking place on the island. It is a very picturesque setting for a special occasion. (You just have to be ok with unexpected tourists showing up during the ceremony.) There is also a resort, Pyramid Lake Resort, that overlooks one part of the lake and you can rent canoes from them to go out and explore the lake. We enjoyed our picnic lunch on the lawn which was not a bad spot for lunch.

Jasper and Pyramid Lake-68

Near Pyramid Lake is Patricia Lake.  Named for Princess Patricia of Connaught, the granddaughter of Queen Victoria, this lake has crystal clear glacial waters. The lake is a vibrant azure blue color. You can also see Pyramid Mountain from here. In winter, the lake freezes over and becomes a favorite for cross-country skiers and ice skaters.

Jasper and Pyramid Lake-86

The Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge sits on the shores of Lake Beauvert.  From the Lodge it is not obvious how to access the lake, but there is parking near the golf course and you can then walk down to the lake. This five star Lodge is a very upscale resort with a wonderful view of the snow-capped mountains.  We enjoyed sitting on the lawn and soaking up the natural beauty of this lovely place.

We can certainly understand why Jasper and the surrounding area is so popular with so many tourists.  Its spectacular glacial-fed lakes and mountains are certainly awe-inspiring, so put them on your to-do list while in Jasper National Park.

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