Last Day in North Cascades

North Cascades-135

The North Cascades area has turned out to be one of our favorites.  While not as well-known as the more famous national parks, this one is absolutely beautiful. This is a place that you want to come back to.

North Cascades-2-3

This area also had a few surprises, one is a dedicated gluten free bakery in the town of Concrete, Washington.  This bakery/café did not just have a few loaves of bread and some cookies, but has all the yummy goodies that you would expect at a regular shop: shortbreads, cinnamon rolls, pies, waffles, cornbread, scones, cheesecake, pancakes, biscuits and gravy.  Celia really enjoyed visiting there and trying some items. The “5b’s Bakery” is a place anyone can enjoy.


The other is the Howard Miller Steelhead Park where we are staying.  Skagit County has done a wonderful job with this facility and we would gladly return here.

Today, we went on one of our best hikes yet, called the Diablo Lake Trail, which leaves from the nearby Diablo Dam and ends at the Ross Dam.

North Cascades-133

The trail follows high above the lake and then descends to a suspension bridge adjacent to the Ross Dam.

North Cascades-2-6

One extra benefit is that there is a ferry that shuttles folks between the two locations.  It happens that there is a small resort, only assessable via the water shuttle, which it services. We were able to hop on board with the guests leaving from their stay.

North Cascades-2-8

You will notice in the photos the emerald hue of the water from the glacial slit from the mountains in the Cascades. The Diablo Lake is breath taking.

North Cascades-2-9

We just enjoyed driving from place to place as it almost always follows the Skagit River and has wonderful views.

North Cascades-2-2



One thought on “Last Day in North Cascades

  1. It looks like 5 b’s Bakery shoudl be 5 LB’s bakery! Celia, I am sure you were in heaven. The Cascades are beautiful! Enjoy!


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