Custer State Park

David got up and took the truck to the dealer in Rapid City.  He was back around lunchtime.  It seems that the key was faulty.  They got us a new one and we have not had any more problems with the truck starting.

After David returned, we went to Custer State Park.  It is a fabulous state park and some people posit that it is equal to a National Park.  We started at the Visitors Center and saw a movie and then drove the Wildlife Trail.  It is an hour drive through protected lands that host bison, bighorn sheep, pronged horn elk, prairie dogs, and burros.  We didn’t see any elk but we did see bison, sheep, prairie dogs, and a burro.  It was a stunning late afternoon drive!




Bison 54-1



On our way back to the campground, we saw what we think was a grey fox that darted across the road! He was very quick so we weren’t able to get a photo.

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