Back Home in the Bighorn

It has been many weeks since we have posted a blog, as the last few weeks have been very busy and stressful. Celia’s father fell gravely ill and died in December. We needed to change our plans and fly to North Carolina to celebrate and commemorate his life. The church and Hospice community was wonderful and very supportive during this difficult time. We also visited family, doctors, and friends in Tampa and Richmond while on the East Coast, before flying back to Phoenix, AZ.

Quartzsite AZ 3
Our spot in Quartzsite near our friends

We are now back in the Bighorn and parked in the desert for a few weeks near the famous small town of Quartzsite, AZ. We are camped with the Escapees Boomers group and are having a great time meeting new friends.

Quartzsite AZ-2

We will write a post about our Quartzsite experience soon.

Even the Manatees Love the Tampa Bay Lightening

After spending the winter in Florida we made our way across the country. We saw an Atlanta Braves game in Atlanta, visited Rock City in Chattanooga, enjoyed “hot chicken” in Nashville, ate delicious BBQ in Memphis, camped right on the Arkansas River and took in the Clinton Presidental Library in Little Rock, visited the amazing Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Bentonville, remembered the fallen in Oklahoma City, and explored in Santa Fe.

Eagle Nest NM June July 2019-17

One of the great adventures of full-time RVing is all the special places where you are able to park. We have had a great year of traveling and have been able to stay long enough at most locations to really explore them. We stayed about a month in the Enchanted Circle of New Mexico and another month in Colorado. We also camped in the area where Georgia O’Keeffe painted for many years and eventually made her home. We had planned to stay near her home place in Abiquiu, NM for two days and ended up staying two weeks.

Portland OR 2019-151

We really like the state of Oregon and discovered wonderful towns such as Bend, Sisters, and Ashland. Every year we try to stay in Portland, Oregon near our youngest and this year did not disappoint. Our time in Portland gave me a chance to explore some of the Oregon Trail history. My interest was piqued earlier when we stayed for a few days at Three Island Crossing State Park in Idaho, a well-known Oregon Trail river crossing. We also made a trip to the Oregon coast and saw a beautiful lighthouse as well as a number of whales and harbor seals. There is still much of Oregon that we have yet to see.

We are not sure what this year will hold. Less and less do we make detailed travel plans as we are enjoying the spontaneity of traveling without set plans. We will probably stay in AZ for most of the winter season and perhaps head toward Wyoming as the weather warms up.

Stay tuned for upcoming posts on Manzanar, Lone Pine, and Quartzsite.


7 thoughts on “Back Home in the Bighorn

  1. Hey David & Celia. I was cleaning out things in my rig and found your card. I enjoyed reading your latest post. Glad you guys are still on the road and at Boomerville. I was at the Xscaper Bash and now in Tucson at Desert Trails. In about a week I’m going to Baja with the Xscapers. Then back to Tucson. Celia I hope you are still painting. I spent a night near that Silverado RV park at a shop, what an awful area! Eeeek! I hope to run into you guys again some day. Have a great year!

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    1. Have fun in Mexico! We have met several of our Xscaper friends here in Quartzsite and some of them are going to Mexico too. They had a great time at the Bash. Hopefully our paths will cross again!


  2. Celia,

    I so sorry that your father has died! May God grant you all His tender loving care.

    Grace and Peace, Warren

    Rev. Warren Johnson Pastor, Beaver Dam Baptist Church Franklin, Va.

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